Time to Clean Out Your Closets

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May 2, 2012 by Sondra Barker

You may have recently heard a new show called House of Consignments and soon consigning your designer fashions is going to be the newest trending topic. However unlike most trends this one is going to stick around!

I can’t begin to tell you the women I know who have closets full of clothes, shoes, and handbags that are just sitting around collecting dust. Soon all of these women will discover that cleaning out their closet is going to become a great way to make hundreds to thousands of dollars, not to mention making room for newer items that you will actually wear. Consignment is perfect for that designer gown you only wore once to a special event or that storage bin sitting under your bed with clothes you just cant bare to give away. 
You would be shocked if you knew how many amazing designer items are given away to thrift stores every year.  Did you know that vintage Hermes scarf is actually worth hundreds of dollars? Even if you sell your items to a store like Crossroads or The Buffalo Exchange, you will only get pennies for your item compared to what its actually worth. Most consignments companies will give you 50%-75% of what your item sells for. Instead of receiving $30 for those Louis Vuitton shoes you would receive $100 for consigning them!

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