The Melrose Trading Post=Fab Flea Market Fashions

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May 7, 2012 by Sondra Barker

If you live in L.A. or plan to visit and are looking for the trendiest fahion finds, look no further than the Melrose Trading Post. Every Sunday the trendiest of fashionistas gather to shop through all the various vendors carrying vintage, pre-loved, and hand crafted items. If its in fashion and “Haute in Hollywood” its here! Since I live down the street off Melrose and La Cienega I love coming here on the weekends and they’re dog friendly!

So what’s haute for the summer??? As you first walk in you’ll find vendor after vendor with ripped cut off jean shorts, some are even enhanced with studs and tribal print patches.

The top is a mixture of several trends in one. The tribal print ,bead work, fringe and a its belly shirt is so ferosh I had to snap a pic. 
Also popping up everywhere was the hipster tribute to Chanel, who says you can’t rock a handmade CC or No #1 shirt. I love all the creative one of a kind finds here all in bright bold colors!
This girl is rocking the black cowboy boots, black fedora, cuffed up jeans. This is a look I see a lot of in L.A. and the large black hat makes an instant statement.
There are vintage sunglasses galore, I just adore Dior. Look at this old display! You can also find plenty of super trendy less popular brands and even a super cheapy $7 rack!
And let’s not forget my favorite, all the scarfs, bins full of every style scarf your heart could imagine. And the best part is you can find them for $1, doesn’t get better than that. I was focused on colorful scarfs for the summer.
Speaking of colorful, bold colorful print are definitely hot this summer almost 70’s in style. I love this shirt I found, but if that’s too much just go with the bold printed scarf.
Another trend super haute trend is combat boots paired with some cut off shorts or leggings. Not only are all the girls wearing them, but plenty of vendors are selling them in every shape and color!
And don’t think its only about the women, this is L.A. and the men are as trendy as the come….the Villian Mustache is only dared by the most confident o men! Want the women to notice you? Pull off a look most men don’t have the balls to try!

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