Met Gala 2012 Best & Worst Dressed

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May 11, 2012 by Sondra Barker

The Met Gala never disappoints and is the one event celebs can really push the envelope, but as usual some just push it a little too far. Maybe I just like traditional beauty and style. Here are my picks for the best and worst dressed at this years Met Gala.

Lets start with the my best dressed of the evening!

1. January Jones shines in this amazing bright yellow Alteir Varsace Dress. I am just loving how bold and beautiful this dress is.

2. Christina Ricci  is always so under-rated, but she never disappoints me. This Thakoon dress is sophisticated, yet extravagant. Her style is always so classy, I just love her.

3. Camille Bell looks amazing in this dress. Sure the lipstick is a bit much for me, I think a deep red would be better than this almost black shade. But there is no denying this dress is sleek and her body just shimmers in this dress.

4. Miss Scarlett Johansson picked a great dress for her curvy figure and up close the jewel embelishments on her dress are simply stunning.


And the worst dressed goes to…

1. For someone who bought her own $25,000 ticket Kate Upton sure didn’t put enough thought into her outfit of choice. Maybe just maybe it actually looks good in person, but it clearly is not made for a women with curves. No matter how amazing a dress looks, if it doesn’t fit your figure, ditch it!

2. Elizabeth Banks can do so much better, what is this mismatched mess? Not only is it unflattering it is just making me dizzy. I’ve seen her look better and this was a horrible decision, definitely the worst dressed of the night.

3. Kristen K-Stew Steward in Balenciaga. Again with all the mismatch, its just not working and she is trying way too hard to be trendy. Everything from the shoes to the sourpuss look that’s always on her face is just all wrong. I love Balenciaga but if this is how they style me I’ll stick to the handbags.

4. Oh Beyonce this is not Sasha Fierce at all, what a mess. This looks cheap and tacky which is a shame because we all know it was thousands for this hideous mess. From the cheesy feather mess on the bottom to the unflattering peekaboo lace, very well the worst dressed of the night.

5. Karolina Kurkova may be in some people Best Dressed list, but she’s not on mine. The dress is amazing, but can we please not bring back turbans. Unless you’re on a sail boat soaking in the sun, stay away from the turbans. I get its the Met Gala, but a tight kept up do would have really let this dress speak for itself.


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