Scarf Trends & 9 Ways to Wear Them

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May 14, 2012 by Sondra Barker

Scarves aren’t just for the winter, they are perfect for bringing that summer outfit to life and lets admit its always 10 degrees cooler at the beach. Just look as Nicole Richie and the famous Alexander McQueen skull scarf. But lets not just limit scarves to our necks, they also make the perfect belt and hair accessory. Here’s 8 ways to wear your scarf this summer and some great summer scarf trends!

wear your scarf chunky, best with long scarfs
As a Shawl tied to the side
As a headband, or add a long scarf and belt it!
a Fashionable Bandanna
the perfect bow
adorable side tie with bangs
As a belt
And the Top 3 Scarf Trends this Season are……..
the Navajo Scarf as seen here on Minka Kelly
Animal Print Scarfs like this Kate Spade Camel Scarf found here
Fringe Scarfs, you can even take a long piece of fabric, and cut your own fringe for a handmade scarf!
Here is my own scarf fashion, since I have long bangs I did the headband scarf, and I love my fringe scarf!

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