Summer Shoes under $100

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May 21, 2012 by Sondra Barker

Nothing can make an outfit pop more than an amazing pair of shoes. I’m one who doesn’t like to break the bank so lucky for you, I’ve found some amazing summer shoes at even more amazing prices!

Trendy for Cheap

First is my special guilty pleasure I recently discover while looking for a great pair of neon shoes. Now more and more when I find a great pair of shoes for an outfit I’m creating, he is my go to designer Michael Antonio. In fact he’s so amazing I can’t even figure out which shoes to post to get the point across. The best part is he’s affordable and you can find his shoes everywhere ranging from $40-$120!!

I love the variety and all the current trends. The shoes I picked are great for everyday from your neon trends, navajo shoes, to your classic wedges and plain nudes. If you are more extreme Michael Antonio also has some even edgier shoes with huge platforms, studs, you name it. The best part is you can find his shoes everywhere at,,, &

One for One

Toms are a summer must have and the biggest shoe trend of 2012 in my opinion. There “One for One” shoe campaign donates a pair of shoes for every pair of shoes bought. They now have stepped it up and started to make wedges, flats, and even added some glitter!

 These shoes are becoming so trendy you can even find one of a kind hand painted Tom’s on Etsy! There ballet flats are also adorable, these shoes are a little pricier ranging from $45- $85, but they are very trendy and recognizable if you want to be in the “Know”

Affordable Flats

I recently discovered this super affordable brand while admiring a pair of flats. When asked where she got them you could only imagine my astonishment when she told me she paid $10 for them! Meet your new best friend, City Classified.
These great flats come in an array of colors from your basics to your trendy neons. They have everything from ballet flats, greek sandals, and even wedges. The best part is they range from $10-$25, now thats affordable! You can find this brand everywhere from,, & 

Cool & Refreshing Mint

found here at TopShop and NineWest
If neon is a little too much for you, then try a refreshing shade of mint, also a super popular trend this summer. Mint looks amazing with black so try pairing them with some black shorts.

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