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May 30, 2012 by Sondra Barker

Just because you’re going to the gym doesn’t mean you have to wear last nights pajamas or your ten year old favorite lounge pants. Getting dressed up gives you confidence and will inspire you to workout even harder. Here are some great finds that are sure to have you looking your best while sweating it out at the gym!

Freddy Red Cuffed Capri Pants found here  John Lewis
These Capri’s are perfect for those of us trying to lose weight around our mid section, they are flattering, come up to the perfect spot, and pair perfect with a T-shirt or Tank top.
The New Puma Yoga & Pilates Shoes found at Piperlime
These are a great alternative to Vibriams if you just aren’t into the 5 finger toe look. They are perfect for going from the streets to your favorite Yoga or Pilates class and provide the perfect amount of support and traction while still allowing your feet to be flexible.
Beyond Yoga Colorful Tank & Leggings at Nordstrom
When you’re searching for that perfect gym outfit, don’t be afraid of color. Pick a great blue, green, or pink ensemble and stay away from all black!
Hot But Not Tank found at Lululemon
Lululemon is great because they make clothes that are flattering for all women. I love this unique tank wrapped into a sports bra. It’s very flattering and the models used are real women, not perfectly thin or buff. You can actually tell what the clothes might look like on you.
Looking to really grab some attention at the gym? You’ll definitely want one of these Victoria Secrets Sports tops, they are so flattering and lets just say it, make your breasts look fantastic. When you work out unfortunately as all us women know your best assets are some of the first to go, but with this top no one will ever know =)
And here are 5 No No’s for Gym Fashion Rules
1. Don’t over due it. Look fabulous, but remember its not a real fashion show so still dress for a workout.
2. No short shorts, it is so tacky to see a girl in shorts that are riding up her butt! Keep your shorts at least 1-2″ below the crease of your buttocks. It’s a gym not a las vegas strip club!
3. Make sure your leggings are thick, see through leggings or tights that have run themselves to thin are a huge distraction and not a good one. We don’t want to see your pink and white polka dot thongs while you’re doing squats
4. Tie up your hair when you’re running. It’s really weird to see a girl running on the treadmill with her hair flying all over the place. Nothing is sexier at the gym than a sleek pony tail.
5. Don’t wear all one color. I love a bright yellow top as much as the next girl, but chose the pants or the top. If you wear both you’ll look like a big bright banana.
Oh and please, please don’t do this hahaha too funny!

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