DIY Nail Swag

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June 5, 2012 by Sondra Barker

Doing your own nails is not only fun, just think of all the money you’ll save. Most people under estimate their own ability to do a super fab manicure. I always do my own nails and even my own nail art and get compliments all the time. People are shocked at how professional they look. Here are some amazing nail swag to get you on your way to saving thousands of dollars and getting full bragging rights to all your friends that you did it on your own.

First is LCN Polish Seal
This amazing product lets you Seal your Nails with a Gel manicure under any 60 watt bulb! Now you can put Gel over your creative nail art designs or any funky color you want. We all know that Gel manicures at the salon can be very limited in their color choices and finally LCN has solved the problem, this company was just featured on the Dr. Oz show and we totally get why!

Magnetic Nail Art

Just out this video for a full demo on Magnetic Nail art which create designs by purchasing a Magnetic Nail Kit and holding the magnet over wet polish. What an easy and full proof idea. both LCN & Sephora have a version you can buy. This is definitely the new trend as opposed to the crackle nail effect.
Nail Art Kit
I ordered this kit off Amazon for $14.95 including shipping! What a great deal. Most people completely over estimate the difficulty of creating cool nail art. With the right tools its a cinch. Especially when using the line and dot tools. There are tons of designs that looks great and aren’t complicated, just a few lines, some dots, and you’re good to go.
Nail Stamps
Seriously lacking in the free hand departments? Not too worry just use Nail Stamps another rising new trend in Nail Art. You can create super intricate designs like the beautiful lace shown above just by stamping your nails! A kit is also super affordable $27 will get you a Nail Stamp, Scraper, & interchangeable plates. Found here on and I’ve also seen them at walgreens so check your local drug store!
and here’s a video so you can see how simple it really is!
Here’s a Nail Stamping Tutorial too
Nail Wraps

Now Nail wraps are the easiest fool proof way to add some serious art to your nails. Just stick them on, file off the edges and you’re done. Now you can get really creative like the nail design above, by mixing nail wraps with free hand nail art. You can buy these at your local drug store or order them online, the vinyl ones tend to stick best, these are also a bit costlier.


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