Go Crazy with Color Blocking

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June 14, 2012 by Sondra Barker

I have one big rule in fashion, never match your handbag to your outfit. Color Blocking is a great way to step away from the traditional and add some color to your life. I always like to select accessories that will make me stand out instead of blend in. Get out your yellows, cobalt’s, turquoises, hot pinks, purples, oranges and lets get creative!

I love yellow with either turquoise blue, cobalt blue, or be bold like above and mix both!
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I absolutely love color blocking my shorts. There are so many colors that work wonderful together. The orange and pink is classy. You can go bold with bright colors or keep it more subdued with pastels.

You will be surprised at how many colors go amazing with each other, don’t be afraid to add several different colors!

Color Blocking

Color Blocking

And here are two looks I created. I absolutely love using yellow for color blocking, it goes great with so many colors including turquoise, cobalt blue, purple, and red. Cobalt Blue and Green is also another color blocking combination I love. Don’t forget your accessories, choose colorful bracelets, earrings, handbags, and shoes. Don’t feel everything has to match, throw in a random color, believe me it will work. There really is no rule to color blocking, I’ve seen every color mix and matched, just keep it to the same hue, don’t mix a neon with a pastel and you’re good to go!


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