Cut Off Denims for Every Style

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June 19, 2012 by Sondra Barker

No matter what your style, denim cut offs are way in. They are an absolute must have and the best part is you will always find the perfect way to wear them. Check out these different looks and pick your favorite style!

1. Cowgirl

Our first look is the classic Cowgirl. Think Julianne Hough in the movie Foot Loose. A great pair of cowboy boots with a bold belt are a must. Pair with a plain Tank Top or T-Shirt. The hat is optional you can go all out or not go over bored. In fact save the hat unless you’re at the beach and need some sun protection, we don’t want to go too crazy, the boots and belt will really make the perfect statement. Adding in a piece of turquoise jewelry is also great!

Cut Offs Cowgirl Chic by laconsignments featuring cowboy hats

2. Biker/Rocker Grunge
Our next look is our rocker girls, maybe a little polished, but if you want to go real rocker stick to vintage and pieces that are worn and don’t have that brand new look to them. Lots of leather, definitely biker boots, I love adding in a vintage rock t-shirt and a leather vest.
Cut Off Shorts Rocker Style by laconsignments featuring a leather vest
3. Preppy
This one is my personal favorite and probably closer to my personal style although I’ll always do a little of everything. Preppy is all about sophistication, having a Mimosa at The Malibu Inn. You can never go wrong with a great blazer or white button up, add in a great pair of heels and definitely pick a designer piece. I’m in love with this chunky Chanel necklace, but you’re favorite designer bag ad a cute chunky necklace will be perfect. This is the perfect style for adding in some romantic ruffles or lace.
Cut offs Preppy by laconsignments featuring lace tops
4. Boho-Hippy Chic
For Boho-Chic look to Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella. She is the new Boho queen and screams groovy hippy. Think fabulous fringes, navajo/tribal prints, more turquoise, braids, and comfy sandals.
5. Hipster (not to be confused with Hippy)
And our last look is dedicated to our L.A. Trend setting Hipsters. Think Alexa Chung…cut offs with tights, thigh high socks, nerd glasses, bow ties, and the super popular right now combat boots or converse. Its also becoming really popular for Hipsters to wear their cut offs longer.

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